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Get a foundation in good singing

or good piano technique






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From "Hot Cross Buns" to Chopin.


For Younger Ones:


From age 5 to 8, the key word is “fun.”  If they’re playing a game, then they enjoy it, and don’t know they’re learning something.  We’ll do clapping, marching, singing, treasure hunts to find all the “C”’s on the keyboard, etc.  I slowly introduce new music concepts and have them play short 4-to-8-measure pieces.  Then we graduate upward in difficulty as their attention span increases and their reading skills get better.  


For School Age:


I start with a good, varied piano book that introduces new concepts and techniques gradually.  I also use a corresponding theory book with written assignments – never more than one page.  I supplement these assignments with pieces that I've arranged or interesting things I've found on the internet.   Keeping it fun is important.  We’ll play musical board games to reinforce theory concepts.  I'll teach chopsticks, or an Adele song that's easy, always reconnecting to theory principles (key signature, time signature, AABA form, etc.).  




The advanced students work on classical repertoire to prepare them for competitions, adjudication and  college auditions preparation.  For rock 'n roll devotees, I do Garage Band creations, and improvisation.  We’ll work with lead sheets and chords, 12-bar blues, using apps and musical aids from the internet.


Adult beginners start with a mature piano learning book and progress at their own pace.  I work primarily on popular repertoire with an emphasis on playing the melody, with chords in the left hand.  


The year culminates in June with a recital of both my voice and piano students. This is not mandatory but I definitely encourage all my students to participate.  Sharing your music is what it’s all about!


I teach in person in my home or online via Zoom or FaceTime.  

To see examples of my student's performances, click here.

Free up your singing voice.


Free yourself of habitual tension with a relaxed, open sound. Placement of the tone is important, including mixing head and chest. I take your inherent sound, strengthen it, and expand its range and flexibility.  I have specific exercises to help you get that "belt" sound that's required in most modern music. Working with the male voice, I can help you with freeing up the high notes.  We'll work on dramatic interpretation, breathing and diction. An added advantage in my studio is that I can accompany you on your song. I can send you a track of the accompaniment so you can practice or perform with the track anytime. In June, I organize a recital with both voice and piano students. I also coach students who are preparing for either NYSSMA solo adjudication or show/college auditions. Your voice WILL improve and you’ll come closer to your goals.

To see examples of my student's performances, click here.


Policy & Fees

Payment is due at the time of the lesson. I use Zelle for online payment.


There is a cancellation policy of 24 hours notice. If less than 24 hours I expect full payment or a make-up lesson within the week.  Most make-up lessons can be done virtually through Zoom. There are exceptions for weather (in the case of in-person lessons) or sickness.


Some piano students have smaller electric keyboards which are acceptable but must have a damper pedal with it. Whatever the student sits on when practicing must be at the proper height.


For voice lessons, if you are sick or dealing with a sore throat, please try to give me 24-hours notice. If you’re still sick after 4 days, please consider whether you’ll be ready for your next voice lesson, and call/text/email me.



One-hour lessons - $90

Half-hour lessons - $50

45-minute lessons - $70


There is a Special deal for siblings. Contact me HERE.


Singers and Players!


I also do a Play/Sing lesson for students who wish to do 15 minutes each of piano and singing. This is a popular feature with the 6-to-12-year-old students. This is the same price.

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